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Vidanova Bank supports BRANCH Coral Foundation

Vidanova has partnered with BRANCH Coral Foundation to strive for a sustainable future of Curacao both above and below water. Vidanova has decided to support this non-profit foundation on a yearly basis to help them achieve their goals on coral restoration, education and community work.

BRANCH Coral Foundation is currently growing 300 corals in their nursery located at Blue Bay Beach. Once these corals have grown large enough they will be outplanted back onto the reef to rehabilitate a coral reef ecosystem. For next year they plan to expand this nursery to multiple locations and to 1200 growing corals.

To create awareness on the importance of coral reef ecosystems, marine biologist Max from BRANCH Coral is teaching at local highschools on Curacao. BRANCH Coral welcomes students as interns and/or volunteers at the foundation to learn on-site about coral restoration.

Vidanova wishes them the best of luck.

For more information on BRANCH Coral Foundation visit:








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