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Credits by Vidanova Bank

Sometimes you need a little credit to make ends meet. Vidanova Bank is here to facilitate this for you at the best possible terms. Simply overdraft your current account or apply for a personal loan, our advisors are here to help.

Spend a little more
Personal loan

When money is tight temporarily, we can all use a little extra. That’s why all our current account holders are entitled to certain overdraft facilities. With limits to accommodate your financial and income situation. Just to make sure you have some more room to spend when it’s needed.
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If it’s a bigger investment you need money for, our loan officers are happy to advise you as well. You might suddenly need a large sum for your child’s education, medical treatment or home improvement. For any planned or unexpected investment, we offer up to 5 year financing on personal loans. All tailor-made to your needs and situation, at highly competitive terms of course.
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Customer Support
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