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Financing your business goals

Vidanova Bank is here to help you realize your business plans for the future. In fact, commercial loans are one of our main activities. Our philosophy is to look at each business as a whole and examine all relevant factors to find the best solution. 

We analyze your cash flow, past performance, future potential, credit history, as well as your business collateral. Our loan department will put together a tailor-made package. Much more flexible than most traditional loans. 

Commercial mortgages

It can be a smart move to stop renting your business premises and start building up capital in real estate. Or simply invest in the purchase or construction of apartments, bungalows or villas. 

One of our specialties is financing real estate investments. This can be acquired purely as an investment object or for a combination of own use and rental to either tourists or residents. For both purposes we have the right products adapted to your need. We can handle purchases as a natural person or through a company or a trust.

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Business loans

Expanding your business successfully might require the purchase of equipment, vehicles or new software. Vidanova Bank provides flexible business loans to facilitate the next step in your company’s growth plan.

Overdraft facilities

Our commercial current accounts provide a business overdraft facility. This way you will be able to finance the purchase of stock, as well as the inevitable accounts receivables you will be confronted with while running your business.


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Interested in our Commercial loans?

We’re happy to advise your business. 

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