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Notice # 2023-018 | 05-May-2023

Dear client,

We would like to inform you that in the 3rd week of May-2023, there will be a change to the daily settlement transaction postings that appears on your settlement account statement.

For every debit card transaction (except from those using Orco Cards) there will be one payment credit (one by one), with the fee debit and debit of the OB Charge.

Going forward, you will see one credit posting and two debit postings for each debit card transaction on your statement. The credit posting is for the transaction on the POS Machine, and the debit postings are for the corresponding fee plus its OB (tax) for that transaction.

For example, a client paying a transaction of ANG 100.00 using his debit card on the POS machine will result in a credit posting of ANG 100.00, a debit posting [Merchant Discount rate 0.75%] ANG 0.75, and a debit posting [6% OB] ANG 0.05.

For the Visa and Mastercard Credit Card transaction, you will see one total credit posting for Visa Credit Card on the POS Machine, one total credit posting for Mastercard Credit Cards, one total debit posting of the corresponding fee plus its OB (tax) for that transaction.

In addition, to serve as a reminder of the card settlement transaction type described on the statement are as followed:

  • POS Cashnet: MCB Maestro cards, CIBC First Caribbean International Visa Debit cards, MCB Bonaire Maestro cards, RBC Maestro cards and WIB (MCB Bank Sint Maarten) Maestro card transactions;
  • POS Maestro: All International Maestro Debit cards & Banco di Caribe MasterCard Debit card transactions;
  • POS On Us: Vidanova Bank MasterCard Debit Card transactions;
  • FD POS Settlement: Local/International Visa & MasterCard Credit Cards & Orco Bank Mastercard debit transactions;

For any additional question and/or inquiry, please contact us at [email protected] or at +5999-732-2900 / 1-800-358-8902 (during office hours).


Management Vidanova Bank N.V.

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