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Buy to rent real estate

Our beautiful island receives hosts visitors from all over the world. All looking for a nice place to stay, which can make an interesting business for property owners. 

Are you thinking of buying properties to rent out to tourists, expats and other visitors? We can help you make the best financing decision to realize your goal.

Successful investment

The purchase or construction of apartments, bungalows or villas to rent out has proven to be very successful. We’ve advised many of our clients in this process, since financing real estate in Curaçao is one of our specialties. Renting your properties can provide a steady income and provides a nice return on your investment.

Alley between colorful Caribbean houses with in the background the sea

Your partner in business

Vidanova bank has both the expertise and the experience to guide you through all the paperwork and processes. We know the local real estate market, have the resources and network to close the deal. You can rest assured we’ll find you the best fitting financial agreement. For now, and the future.

Seven stacks of coins with small decorative houses on the biggest three stacks

Tailor made

We have the right products available, adapted to your needs. You might buy your property purely as an investment object. Or maybe you like to make a combination of own use and rental to tourists. Whatever plans you have with your newly acquired real estate, we’ll find you the best financial fit to make it work. Not only can we handle purchases as a natural person, but also through a company or a trust.

Interested in our commercial mortgages?

We’re happy to advise you on your business venture.

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