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Woman paying with her bankcard at the counter of a beauty salon

Point of Sale

Eliminate cash in your store as much as possible with Point of Sale terminals. A safe and economic way to receive your money.

Easy electronic payment

If you have any kind of register in your business or store, you need to be able to process card payments. Vidanova Bank offers merchant accounts for these so-called point-of-sale (POS) terminals. 

Simply a ‘must have’ nowadays, for all businesses who want to facilitate easy electronic payment for their customers. Our POS terminals accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and other forms of electronic payment. 

Machine for payments with a long roll of paper coming out of it
Man showing something on his phone to another man and two woman. They are all laughing.

Everyone benefits

Our modern merchant accounts offer your business an easy way to a higher level of customer service. Not only your customers are happy, but also your business will be safer because you eliminate cash in your store. On top of that, you receive instant and daily crediting of sales earnings.

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