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Saving for a rainy day

Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving” – Warren Buffet

Whether you want to put some money aside to make sure you’re ready for future or unexpected expenses or you are saving up for a specific goal in the future, Vidanova Bank offers solid savings options for both purposes.

Feel secure with a flexible back-up
Build a solid future capital

Life can throw all kinds of surprises. Nice ones, like going on a vacation or making an impulsive buy. Or not so nice ones, like when your washing machine breaks down at the most inconvenient time. Then it’s a good thing you have your flexible back-up money saved in our Personal Savings Account. You can start with only ANG, 100,- and immediately enjoy our competitive interest rates!

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When you are saving money for a specific investment in the future, you can maximize your return with our Time Deposits. You know you won’t need the money before the term ends, which results in higher interest rates. This way your money grows even faster to your goal. It is possible to receive your interest on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis and you can start a deposit with ANG. 5.000,-

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